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Counselling and Therapeutic Support Service

Radiant Mama is now offering a donation-based counselling and therapeutic support service during pregnancy and the first three years, to pregnant, birthing people, partners and new parents. Therapeutic support refers to a range of modalities which aim to promote wellbeing and resilience, as well as healing from trauma. It can help meet the many changes and challenges inherent in this transition. Here are some examples of what our service can offer:  pregnancy support, postnatal planning, birth recovery, support with changing relationship and exploring new identities etc. Modalities used may include coaching, counselling, trauma release, Havening and Somatic Reclamation.


Our counselling service questionnaire let us know that finances are a significant barrier to accessing counselling support during this transformational and challenging time, and so we have created a service which aims to reduce this financial barrier.


Some of our practitioners have particular experience or interest in supporting people around birth, pregnancy and parenthood, as this was expressed as a significant priority for those who responded our counselling service questionnaire. We offer a block of up to six sessions with one of our practitioners on a donation basis. You are invited to choose your donation amount according to your means. We suggest between £15 to £60 per session, but if this would prevent you from receiving the support you need, please pay what you can, whatever that might be. Following the block of six, there is the opportunity to continue with the practitioner on a paid basis, but at a subsidised cost if needed.


Your donations pay for the space and other expenses to run this service, and any surplus goes to subsidising the follow up sessions mentioned above.


Meet our Practitioners

Jo Whitton

~ Parent Coaching ~


I am a Mum and Step Mum, and I was inspired to become a Parenting Coach after finding coaching to be incredibly supportive for my family. I am passionate about family wellbeing and I am now truly grateful to be the founder of Invisible Thread Parent Coaching based here in South Devon.


I have trained with some of the world’s leading parenting experts but most importantly I am a mum who has struggled and navigated my way through severe anxiety, crippling perfectionism, and low confidence in my parenting abilities. As a result of having parent coaching myself, I have managed to overcome these self-limitations and I take joy in experiencing a deeper attachment with my children and an improved co-parenting relationship. Coaching helped me to develop my resilience, tap into my intuition and enjoy being a mum again!


I have a knowledge grounded in child developmental psychology, attachment, and nervous system science with access to some wonderful learning content including short videos and workbooks. Whilst information is powerful, I do intentionally work in partnership with parents to help them to access their own answers to their challenges and support them to make the changes they want in their family relationships in a way that feels right for them.


Typical parenting challenges that I can support you with include sibling relationships, separation difficulties, screen time issues , co-parenting, blended family dynamics, child and parent anxiety and associated symptoms such as controlling behaviour or aggression. I am also experienced in using coaching tools with parents to help them manage their mental health, mindset, and nervous system regulation. I am an experienced facilitator of ‘ The Work of Byron Katie’ which is a transformative thought enquiry practice. 'The Work' helps us to question our stressful thoughts and find meaning and opportunities for growth in every situation, including parenting. It invites us to reframe our experiences, no matter how difficult, as valuable lessons, catalysts for change, or stepping stones toward our personal evolution. I tailor coaching sessions to meet the needs of each family and I will always put the parent- child relationship and the ‘Invisible Thread’ of connection between you, at the heart of any solutions. You can come individually to sessions or come together as co-parents.

For more information visit:

Kema Morrin

~ Soul Reclamation ~


I'm Kema, a mindset coach and somatic therapist from Southwest Ireland, specialising in a trauma-informed approach called "Somatic Reclamation". This therapy was created by a single mother to address her own needs as a mother and human. I encourage you to attune to your body and help you discharge stresses and painful memories in a safe way. Our sessions are led by your innate wisdom and intelligence system.

My personal journey started in 2012 when life prompted me to leave behind corporate hustle and stress, guiding me towards a path of healing and personal growth.

In our sessions, we create a safe space for you to express yourself truthfully and move freely, validating your experiences and helping you navigate the challenges of motherhood. Whether you're looking to release stored emotions or regain a sense of feeling at home in your body and mind, Somatic Reclamation can support you on this transformative journey. This therapy aims to foster a sense of empowerment and self-advocacy.

For more information visit: 

Olivia Seck

~ Havening ~


Pregnancy, Birth and early Parenting have been a passion of mine for ever it seems. I attended my first birth at 17, ran my first workshop for expectant mamas at 34 and was a Birth/postnatal doula and doula trainer for over 2 decades.

During that time I also trained in many modalities such as Counselling, Eft,TAT, HypnoBirthing, Hypnotherapy and Coaching and offered those skills in my groups and one to one sessions. 

I eventually specialised in pregnancy coaching, facilitating pre and postnatal support groups and supporting women and couples who had experienced Birth trauma. 

I discovered Havening at the beginning of the Pandemic, a time when there was so much trauma and mental health challenges in the Birthing Community, whether for expecting and new parents or the professionals attending them. Havening felt like the missing key. So much powerful healing in this gentle tool! It completely changed my practice.

I have been especially touched by the impact of Havening in the field of Birth trauma, but also in promoting resilience in Pregnancy and Motherhood, better births experiences and more harmonious relationships between parents. 

Havening, counselling and coaching are now some of my main tools and I use them to create more resourced and happier families for a more peaceful and loving world.

I live in Devon with my older son and his cat, regularly visited by my 3 other grown up children.

I offer one to one sessions in person in Devon, and on Zoom internationally. 

For more information visit:

Hayley Nettle

~  Somatic Therapy ~


I work as a trauma informed ISMETA registered somatic movement therapist and educator (RSMT, RSME), yoga therapist and educator, and singer.


For the past two decades I have been facilitating movement and collaborative somatic explorations within diverse communities.


From body oriented support groups for the general community, movement explorations with the land, embodiment journey’s for women and through my one-to-one collaborative somatic therapy practice.


This work validates the living wisdom of the body through empowering, collaborative somatic practice. My approach is co-creative and exploratory, responsive with the needs of each group or individual.

Sessions are for mothers who yearn for therapeutic holding to explore themes around:


+ Motherhood and all it brings

+ Processing loss (I consider your motherhood path inclusive of any pregnancy / child loss you may have experienced)

+ Creating space to Rest, Nourish & Replenish

+ (Re)Connecting with your own body

+ Cultivating inner resources

+ Processing challenging feelings

+ Navigating transitions

+ Supporting your journey of Matrescence

+ Feeling seen & heard

+ Grieving who you were, embracing who you are now

+ Work with your birthing story

+ Support through pregnancy and beyond


Mother Space is a space to process any challenging feelings that may be coming up for you in a confidential, safe environment. And also to build the resources you may need to support you through sleep deprivation, overwhelm and / or challenging emotions.


We explore themes through the moving and feeling body and sessions are tailored to your specific needs.


For more information visit: 

Hayley will begin offering sessions from September 2024.

​If you’re interested in the service, and wish to find out more about it or want to book a session, please reach out to us: 

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