Pregnancy and Mother's retreats

Pregnancy & Mothers Day Retreat

Sun. 26th January 2020

10.-1pm and 1-3 pm (for workshop)

Dartington, Nr Totnes 


Together we will enjoy a relaxed morning with guided relaxation, sharing and optional massage, followed by a yummy and healthy lunch.


In the afternoon, there will be a workshop on

"Transforming fear and doubt in 

pregnancy & motherhood "


The cost is

from £20-£40 for the morning,

from £20 to £40 for the afternoon

and from £35 to £60 for the whole day,

depending on income.

Massages available at extra cost (from £10).  


I look forward to creating a nourishing and inspiring day

with you.  Olivia

+44 01803 226 127