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Support, Resources & Community during pregnancy and the first year

Our News

We are currently holding 2 ongoing Radiant Mamas circles (for pregnancy and mothers with babies in arms)

and 1 Dads meet-up.

We have 2 workshops coming up at The Angel Hall, Bowden House in Totnes:

Post-natal Planning Workshop

with Annie on Saturday 24th April 2021

Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshop

with Sarah on Saturday 1st May 2021

If you want to find out more about the postpartum period and the content of the workshop

you can have a listen to Annie's talk on the resource page. 

The Universal Postpartum Needs during the 4th Trimester 


We also have an interviews / talk coming up !

Breastfeeding Preparation

Introducing Sarah and her upcoming breastfeeding preparation workshop

on Tuesday 27th April 2021

The recording will be posted on the resource page here and on our facebook as soon as available

Whether you are wanting support, a new network of friends, or education, Radiant Mama has a lot to offer you.

Just get in touch.


We look forward to hearing from you. 

We recommend: Your Positive Birth - Pandemic Pack

The only online birth course built specifically with the pandemic in mind, with everything you need to have a positive birth in these difficult times. Including 12 specially made hypnobirthing downloads, and packed with information and advice from bestselling authors Sophie Fletcher (Mindful Hypnobirthing) and Milli Hill (Positive Birth Book), the pack will reassure you and give you a clear and easy to use toolkit to stay calm and focused.

The online pandemic birth preparation course is offered on a sliding scale (from only £5) to ensure everybody can access the information.

For more information and to purchase, please click below.  


Our Services


Join like-minded mamas for TLC, support and sharing in Totnes.


Supportive, strengthening and relaxation postures for mums & babies.


Massage, myofascial release & craniosacral work for pregnant & new mums.


Join like-minded mamas for TLC, support and sharing in Totnes.

Breastfeeding Support

Training and skills to initiate & continue breastfeeding.


Prevent or heal birth trauma for health &  happiness.

Meridian Therapy

Energy coaching for the motherhood journey.


Learn the art and joy of experiencing birth.


Current Program


All group and one-to-one sessions are held following government covid safety guidelines.

Mamas Support Groups

A space for sharing, support and advice or just to meet

other mamas on the parenting journey.

@ The Angel Hall, Bowden House, Totnes

* Thursdays *

Pregnancy & New Mamas with Babies in Arms


Contact Sarah on 07794 076 131 

* Fridays *

Pregnancy & New Mamas with Babies in Arms

9:45am -11:45am

Contact Olivia on 07873 114 858 or email olivia@radiantmama.co.uk

Dads Meet Up

For fathers with all levels of experience in parenting, whether they have just had or are expecting their first child, or whether they have children already and are now entering a new round of parenthood.  The sessions offer a safe space for sharing/discussion and a chance to connect with other fathers.

@ The Angel Hall, Bowden House, Totnes

* Wednesdays *


Contact Ollie on 07813 869 935

  • Find out about our local activities

  • Learn or share skills

  • Get tips to manage stress

  • Chat about the experience of being a dad

For more info or to join the group, go to: www.fathers.org.uk/dads-meet-up

One to One Sessions

In-Person & Online

* Breastfeeding Support *

Contact Sarah Baker on 0779 407 6131

* Postnatal Planning & Sleep Support *

Contact Annie on 07948 703 242 or email anniethegardner@yahoo.co.uk

* Fear & Trauma Release *

Contact Olivia on 07873 114 858 or email olivia@radiantmama.co.uk

* Counselling *

Contact Olivia on 07873 114 858 or email olivia@radiantmama.co.uk

* Mentoring *

Contact Sarah Webb on 07983 688 432

Courses & Events


Post-Natal Planning Workshop

Saturday 24th April 2021

10am - 1pm

Angel Hall @ Bowden House, Totnes

Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop

Saturday 1st May 2021

10am - 12:30pm

Angel Hall @ Bowden House, Totnes

For details and tickets, click below


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