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Together We Thrive

Support, Resources & Community during pregnancy and the first year


Due to the Covid 19 we are not able to offer the range of services we were providing please click below for current programme



Join like-minded mamas for TLC, support and sharing in Totnes.


Supportive, strengthening and relaxation postures for mums & babies.


Massage, myofascial release & craniosacral work for pregnant & new mums.


Join like-minded mamas for TLC, support and sharing in Totnes.

Breastfeeding Support

Training and skills to initiate & continue breastfeeding.


Prevent or heal birth trauma for health &  happiness.

Meridian Therapy

Energy coaching for the motherhood journey.


Learn the art and joy of experiencing birth.


Current Program

We are offering the following groups and one to one sessions and thanks to the Lottery’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund this is available on a donation basis or free if required.  They will be held following the government safety guidelines 

Mamas Support Groups

A space for sharing, support and advice or just to meet

other mamas on the parenting journey.  

Held in the Totnes Area


Mondays: Totnes breastfeeding group contact Sarah 07794076131


Wednesdays: 9.30am - 11am Online pregnacy & new mamas 

support group.  Contact sarahmcook@hotmail.co.uk


Thurdsays: In person pregnancy & new mamas with babies 

in arms support group. Contact Sarah 07794076131 

Dads Meet Up

For fathers with all levels of experience in parenting, whether they have just had or are expecting their first child, or whether they have children already and are now entering a new round of parenthood.  The sessions offer a safe space for sharing/discussion and a chance to connect with other fathers. 

  • Find out about our local activities

  • Learn or share skills

  • Get tips to manage stress

  • Chat about the experience of being a dad


Contact Ollie on 07813869935 or for more info or to join the group 


One to one sessions

Breastfeeding support. Contact Sarah on 07794076131.

Sleep Support : Annie Gardner  anniethegardner@yahoo.co.uk

Fear, Trauma Release and Counselling Sessions available: Contact Olivia on 07873114858 or email olivia@radiantmama.co.uk

Courses & Events

• Why and How to write an effective Birth or Postnatal plan during Covid 19. 

* Transforming fear and anxiety in Pregnancy and Birth:

 Many women feel some fear and anxiety during pregnancy, especially as the birth approaches. It’s quite normal.

The Pandemic, the constant changes and the state of unknown it brings, is adding to the load and requires more from us to stay present and at peace.

Come and learn the skills and approaches Olivia has been teaching to pregnant families for over a decade and find your place of peace and empowerment.  

For more info or to register your interest contact Olivia on 07873114858. 

For current events follow link below


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